Express deliveries In the city, in the country and in the world
Local servicesSame-day parcel delivery from 11 PLN excl. VAT
Grow your local business with Local Express
Domestic servicesParcels to recipients in Poland from 16 PLN excl. VAT!
International servicesParcels to Europe and USA from 80 PLN
Dedicated logistics solutions for e-commerce
Faster, easier, more, cheaper. This is how you will work using our applications and IT solutions for courier services!
A trusted business partner with a comprehensive logistics offer.
You can expect more from Express Kurier!
Higher standard of service and unbeatable prices

We are your business partner and not a contractor. That is why we not only provide professional services, but also offer you professional consulting on optimizing your logistics.

For large business customers we offer individual terms and conditions because we realize that the flexibility of cooperation is as important as the quality of service.

We check and compare hundreds of prices every day to make sure you get the most competitive rates for local and international shipping.

Comprehensive logistics service locally, in the country and the world.

In the local service we handle same day deliveries within a few hours or in the evening.

Domestic service for parcels and pallets includes delivery to the receiver’s door and to several thousand collection points throughout Poland.

In the Direct Injection option, we handle international shipments according to the rules and prices of local service! Generate savings of up to 80% overtraditional service for deliveries to customers in Europe or USA!

For e-commerce customers, we offer fulfillment services with the option to handle shipments up to 20:00 every day!

Modern shipping tools at your disposal!

Modern and intuitive Shipping Manager system allows you to manage multi-channel distribution of goods and handle orders from online stores in Poland and abroad, over 30 marketplaces and ERP or WMS system.

Use one integrated tool to handle Click&Collect or general cargo parcels for local, domestic or international service.

Shipping Manager is integrated with most of the available ERP and WMS systems. For large customers we offer free integration with their internal systems to enable two-way data exchange.

Flexibility matters!
We are not the biggest but certainly the most flexible! If you’re looking for optimized shipping costs combined with a comprehensive delivery option when working with one entity, you have found it!
We have built our reputation through delivery efficiency and complementary logistics offerings. We solve up to 100% of our customers’ problems whether it is Same Day delivery in Warsaw, domestic logistics or shipments to Europe and USA.

We have excellent relationships with reputable courier and warehousing operators to provide our customers with the most optimal conditions and a wide range of options when sending parcels.

Don’t waste time looking for better solutions. We are sure to have the optimal and perfectly tailored offer for your company.
Our offer makes us different!

Local service

We respond to the need for immediate delivery to customers from large agglomerations. The Local Express service offers same-day delivery in 3 or 5 hours or in the evening. With Express Kurier you will increase your sales and conversion in your e-shop cart by over 20%! On top of this, for standard next day delivery, we'll offer you the best rates on the market!


Domestic service

We offer the best rates for both packages and pallets with timely deliveries to the receiver’s door or thousands of collection points in Poland. Express Kurier domestic service is the most convenient solution for customers looking for a compromise between the price and the comfort of cooperation with one company, without having to compare the offers of many carriers.


International service

We are experts in international deliveries. We offer extremely competitive rates for parcel deliveries to the United States, Europe and even China! Note: in the direct injection option, you will be able to send a parcel abroad as in a domestic service.

Grow your e-business with Local Express

Standard forms of delivery have long ceased to satisfy your customer’s needs? Take advantage of Local Express service and offer them same-day delivery, even within 3 hours.

Here are options to meet the needs of modern consumers:

  • SAME DAY EXPRESS: package in as little as 3 hours at the receiver’s doorstep after placing an order,
  • SAME DAY STANDARD: package up to 5 hours at the receiver’s doorstep after placing an order,
  • SAME DAY EVENING: package in the evening at the receiver’s doorstep after placing an order.

Take advantage of Local Express services and increase conversion in your e-store by up to 20%!

Tools for e-commerce

Grow your e-store with our modern online store ordering and marketplace tools! With intuitive UX and automatic order picking and processing options, each of your employees will handle up to 1500 orders every day! We offer integration with all most popular e-commerce and warehouse systems in Poland.

That’s not all! Take advantage of our free widgets dedicated to e-commerce industry.

With the delivery time widget correlated with the receiver’s postal code, you will show the customer the delivery time of their order already in the shopping cart. With the delivery points map widget, customers wishing to deliver to a collection point will see a map with a selection of nearly 200 000 active points across Europe!

More delivery options
 that meet customer expectations means more purchase decision and orders in your store.

Join hundreds of companies that already use our services
Looking for a partner in supply logistics solutions? Or maybe you just want to take advantage of one of Express Kurier’s state-of-the-art services? Be sure to contact us! We will be sure to give you a competitive offer!